MQL4 Course:

I've written my first (and I think it's the only) tutorial in programming MQL4 and I was thinking it will make the world easier for the MQL4 programming seekers!
Unfortunately, not all of us understand from reading tutorials/books/help documents and some of us need a teacher that take them step by step to understand what's the MQL4 programming is. Now we have a new version of the langauge MQL5.

That's why I'm offering one-to-one MQL4 and MQL5 course!

The course is still under construction! I'm still thinking what's the best way to teach MQL4-5 and how to meet my students (sorry! I mean the good traders
but not good MQL4-5 programmers yet) online.

Please fill the below form to add you to the list and inform you about any updates!

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What's best the method for teaching online?

What's the fair price for this course you think?

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