MQL Projects Protection and License Management System

How much did you spend to develop your Expert Advisor or Indicator?

Do you know that with less than 10$ anybody can decompile your project and within 1-2 weeks your project will be open-source for all the net users.

How does MQLPATRIOT work?

These are some of MQLPATRIOT specifications:

1- MQL Protection:

  • You will send us your EA or Indicator and we send you back a protected version.
  • We will hide the most of the code in the DLL.
  • We will add a checksum detection to prevent mq4 decompiled version of using the DLL.
  • We will encrypt the remaining of code to make it hard to read and understood.

  • 2- DLL Protection:

  • The DLL will hold the most of the important MQL code.
  • The DLL will block the MQL project to one Metatrader account.
  • The DLL will stop working if the MQL project if its checksum changed (When the EA or the Indicator decompiled then compiled again to .ex4).

  • 3- Server protection (Licenses Management):

  • You can add / remove / edit clients and products very easy.
  • The client can change the Metatrader account number(s) from his own client's page.
  • You can change the MQL project variables from the server (for example: Takeprofit – Stopples – MovingAveragePeriod)
  • You can stop (disable/enable) the MQL project from server (For example to update)
  • You can set a trial period for every client and product.
  • You can choose one of 4 types of licenses: One metatrader account - Multi metatrader accounts (up to 10) - Unlimited metatrader accounts - PC code.
  • All of these only for 499$ Life Time Fee.

    Note: 499$ includes: 1 EA/Indicator Protection + the MQL Patriot Server + Free Setup. Every new EA/Indicator you want us to protect is for 45$.

    See it in Action:

    1- Download out demo EA and Indicator from here: