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I've been asked to write a brief description of the Moving Average types and Applied Price used with xpMa!

It's OK! But I want to affirm that:

"XP Moving Average is a normal moving average indicator with 2 extra features:
1- It uses the normal Moving Average Types plus the most used anothermoving average types in one place. So, you can use only one Moving Average indicator for all of your needs!

2- It colors itself according to the direction of the Moving Average.

XP Moving Average Types:

These are the types available in the current version of xpMA:

Moving Average Type Constant name Integer value
Simple moving average MODE_SMA 0
Exponential moving average MODE_EMA 1
 Smoothed moving average MODE_SMMA 2
Linear weighted moving average MODE_LWMA 3
Double Exponential Moving Average MODE_DEMA  4
Triple Exponential Moving Average MODE_TEMA 5
T3 Moving Average MODE_T3MA 6
Jurik Moving Average MODE_JMA 7
Hull Moving Average MODE_HMA 8
SALT indicator MODE_SALT 10


Applied Price Types:

We are using the normal moving average applied price types:

Applied Price type Constant name Integer value
Close price PRICE_CLOSE 0
Open price PRICE_OPEN 1
High price. PRICE_HIGH 2
Low price. PRICE_LOW 3
Median price, (high+low)/2. PRICE_MEDIAN 4
Typical price, (high+low+close)/3. PRICE_TYPICAL 5
Weighted close price, (high+low+close+close). PRICE_WEIGHTED 6



TimeFrame: (default 0)
Set it to the time frame you want to work with. The default value is 0 which means it will works with the current time frame of the chart!

The period of the moving average!

The moving average type! (Review table 1).

The Moving Average Applied price (Review table 2).

This setting is for the T3MA indicator only! The Volume Factor!

This setting is for the JMA indicator only! The Phase!

How many bars in the history the xpMA indicator will look back to determine the direction of the moving average! (It must be not less than 3).

Set this parameter to true if you want the indicator to take a screen shot of every tick and save it to the files folder.

That's all! Hope it helps!
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