Price Percentage Oscillator Indicator

Don't search around the net for the MetaTrader version of the Price Percentage Oscillator because I did that before you and didn't get any result.

So, I decided to build me own which is very like the one found in Marketiva platform.

Please download it from here with the the T3MA indicator developed by "Nick Bilak" which is required to calculate the T3 Moving Average mode.

These are the mode of Moving Average available in this version of the Price Percentage Oscillator:

Moving Average Type Constant name Integer value
Simple moving average MODE_SMA 0
Exponential moving average MODE_EMA 1
Smoothed moving average MODE_SMMA 2
Linear weighted moving average MODE_LWMA 3
Double Exponential Moving Average MODE_DEMA 4
Triple Exponential Moving Average MODE_TEMA 5
T3 Moving Average MODE_T3MA 6


Enjoy yourself! and tell me your comment!